Top 10 Trends You'll Be Living In..

Feelings?? Neutral.
Fall is coming.. and it’s calling for a major tone down with tans, browns, and creams. Quiet the colors and let the neutrals do all of the talking! Keep it monochromatic or layer different tones, you’re choice! 
Stole it From Ivy League
Since we couldn’t get into the real deal, we took the look and made it our own -- preppy with a side of oh, so comfy. Whether it’s a twist on the classic Ivy League cardigan or a trendier look with the sweater vests and button ups, we pretty much took it by storm!
Black is Back.. But, Did She Ever Leave?
Fashion’s favorite color never takes a break! Slimming and reliable- black will never let you down. Dust off last season’s trusty black T, or splurge on the newest edition! You really can never have too much. 
Two, Three, Four Chains
Every store you step into this season will be carrying chains.. On bags, jewelry, embellishments, you name it, chains got it. Want to try it out but not go full on 2000's punk? Layer a few chain necklaces and you’ll fit right in! 
Leather Weather
Another trend making it’s strong comeback from the early 2000's, and we are totally okay with that. Leather, while functional, also makes a great statement piece that doesn’t take too much effort. Feeling bored with your basic T and Denim? No worries, leather to the rescue. 
The Bigger the Blazer the Better
The blazer fad didn’t make any small step into this fashion world. They came, conquered, and continue to grow in popularity -- and size. This season we’ve seen the oversize blazer make a huge statement (dressed way up or dressed way down) and we predict it’ll keep doing so. You’ll wanna hop on this trend!
 Matching Sets for the Days You Don’t Wanna Match
Thank you COVID-19 for making pajama sets a trend! Whether it’s a matching sweat set for binge watching a show on Netflix, or a blazer and trouser set for your important Zoom meeting, two piece sets will take over the world--just wait. 
Don’t Be Sad, Wear Plaid
It isn’t a surprise we are continuing to welcome a print that has withstood the test of time. However, we’re seeing a new decade inspire changes in the traditional print. Instead of the nudes and browns, keep a sharp eye out for the sunny yellows and blue hues you’ll be wearing in your sweaters and coats!
Big Fur Energy 
2020 is the year for big things.. Like a big, fur coat (the faux kind). Fur coats have glammed up the runway for years, but thanks to innovative designers we can be expecting twists on the classic fur coat, like knits that appear like furs and more sustainable furs. 

I’ll Just Throw on Some Sneakers
It’s no question that sneakers have taken over the world as we know.. And I don’t hear any complaints. Lucky for us, comfort and style are seamlessly becoming one and it all started with the sneaker! Pair them with jeans and your favorite T or dust off your favorite dress and still feel ready to conquer the world… even from the comfort of your own sneakers!