We've Got A Spring Fling: The Top 10 Spring Trends of 2022

We've Got A Spring Fling: The Top 10 Spring Trends of 2022

We've Got A Spring Fling: The Top 10 Spring Trends of 2022

Spring 2022 is in full bloom. Since COVID-19 is finally in the rear-view mirror more and more each day, we're enjoying the new opportunities to hit the town and can branch out with our style while doing so.

We are rounding up the Top 10 Spring Trends of 2022 to bring you the latest and greatest this season. 

After watching the runway shows, flipping pages of Vogue, and #stylestalking our favorite celebs, we've rounded up the styles you need to add to your closet:


- Statement colors like Pink, Orange, and Green are a great choice this season. Mixing these colors is even an option this year. With color blocking or one bold statement piece, anything goes! 


- "Don't worry about the price tag!" says the little angel on your shoulder while you buy the best staples that will last a lifetime. Staples including: blazers, trousers, button ups, denim, and sweaters are all investments for this season and infinitely more to come!


- The days of purchasing a look for your vacation are over... (well kind of!) Instead, Escapism is dressing like your on vacay, everyday! Knit dresses, sandals and tweed bags are all the rage no matter where you live.


- Tweed. Knit. Crotchet. Mesh. YES, YES, YES & YES. Add it to the list of must-haves for Spring. 


- Use your shoes to make an entrance! (Literally!) Add a pop of color down under, or maybe add a chunky sandal. Tie straps on a dainty heel are everywhere, and, of course, our favorite sneaker trend isn't going anywhere, either! Make it your own with your favorite statement shoes to amplify your everyday look. 


- Nothing adds a little "pizazz," to your look like unique embellishments. From rhinestones, to mixed media stitching, a little embellishment can go a long way. This trend is all the rage all Spring long, and we're ready to add a little flare to the game!


- Nothing screams, "I'M PUT TOGETHER," more than a suit set and trouser. Setting up your wardrobe this season will not only put all eyes on you, but it will offer such variety all year long. One blazer and trouser set can be worn a handful of ways, so this look never goes out of style.


- This trend allows you to show a little or lottle of skin. (Whatever is your forté!) A simple cut-out can go a long way for your wardrobe this season by adding a little something extra to an everyday basic. From dresses cut out at the rib, to a simple slit on an everyday tank, this trend is cut-out for all that Spring 2022 has to offer!


- Making a statement is easy with a graphic or printed design. Showcase your personality and be loud this season with a graphic tee and blazer, or a silky, artistic print dress. You can do no wrong with prints! Make them match. Make them clash. It all works this Spring!


- Voluminous body isn't just for the hair commercials! This season we're bringing volume to our clothes. "Oversized," "boyfriend cut," "loose fitting," and "baggy," are all the right words to go along with this surprisingly flattering fit. Not only is it trending this 2022 season, it makes for looking chic that much easier. Go big or go home! 


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